“It’s quite challenging being a 60 year-old woman with the mind and energy of a 30 year old.  Shockingly, no one told me about what happens when women age—the “muffin top”, the back fat, the loss of muscle tone, the clothes that no longer fit right, the supreme challenge of shedding weight.  It seemed, like many women feel, that I was doomed to be dowdy.

I had long wished to hire a personal trainer but feared that the expectations would be unattainable and that it might be too rigid or harsh.  When I was a member of VIP Fit Club I noticed Mary training with clients and said to myself, “I want to look like HER!”  And so we began our wonderful connection and I began my transformation.

Part of my hesitancy to start training involved the development of some aging issues, especially arthritis in my shoulders and hands.  Mary willingly took direction from my physical therapist.  We have not only avoided further injury but have increased strength and flexibility.

For me, there are a few essential things about Mary that make training with her REALLY work for me.  It’s a partnership—we communicate and problem—solve.  Mary is competent in her knowledge and applied skill, bringing me along steps in a progression that definitely moves me towards my goals of health and strength, but at a pace I can manage.  And finally, we share laughs in between workout sets which helps me keep pushing to the end!

My plan is to keep Mary as my personal trainer as long as possible….indefinitely!  She inspires me, motivates me and holds me accountable.

Cecilia….March 2014

“I am a 35 yr old male who was 225 lbs., over weight, and miserable.  I started training with Mary in January and I instantly saw results. Her knowledge of exercise and nutrition was above and beyond what I ever expected. It seemed like I never did the same workout twice in a month. She would always switch it up and keep it new and fresh whether it be strength training or cardio.  Don’t let her size fool you! Mary knows her stuff. I went from fat and flabby to lean and muscular. I dropped 64 lbs. to date and feel and look amazing. I recommend Mary Aalvik Fitness to anyone looking to lose weight or just get in shape. She is an incredible trainer.”
- Joshua Smith


“I am a 58 year old woman who has worked out for the past 20 years and always in relatively good shape.  I have worked with several trainers through the years.  About 5 years ago I started struggling with body fat, expecially in the belly area and had added a few extra pounds.  I also had been experiencing back and neck aches due to weaknesses in these areas.

In April 2012, I made a commitment to make some changes.  I dropped my membership at my present gym as I had met Mary at VIP Fit Clubs.  I then began personal training with Mary.  It is now September 2012 (5 months later) and my body has been completely transformed.  I have lost the extra pounds and more rewarding, have lost body fat and inches.  My husband recently gave me a wonderful compliment that my body looks like when we met many years ago.  I have never felt better and stronger.

I solely attribute this success to Mary’s exercise and nutrition program.  She individualized a work out for me, which I would never have committed to without her knowledge, expertise and inspiration.  She set realistic goals, is a great motivator and is a lovely person to train with.

If you want to make any change in your body and how you look and feel, I would highly recommend training with Mary.”

-Randie Bazar


     “I am a 32-year-old woman from Cranston. I started training with Mary Aalvik at VIP Fit Clubs in April 2012.      My Experience with Mary surpassed any of my expectations. While I am not an overweight person, I wanted to tone and sculpt my body and get rid of the belly fat. Mary’s expertise in not only fitness, but also diet, helped me do just that. In just two months, I lost 11 inches and felt stronger and leaner than ever before. Mary Aalvik helped me transform my body and taught me so much more than just how to “work out.” With some hard work and dedication, anything is possible, and with someone like Mary by your side, you will see results.
The best part about training with Mary is… she believes in you!!!”
- Michelle Murphy


     “Since my retirement, I had been losing muscle mass and gaining more body fat.  As a 67 year old man, I did not want my body to deteriorate in such a manner.
Starting in February, I was recommended to attend VIP Fitness to start getting my body back into shape. That is when my training with Mary began.  Through her vigorous cardio and weight training, I started to feel healthy again.  Over the course of her training, I lost my body fat and gained muscle. As my body fat content diminished, my health greatly improved and I had much more energy.  My body has not felt this good in years.
All of these fantastic results were due to the top-quality training from Mary. The objectives she set for me were practical and inspired me to keep going and accomplish my goals.  With her advanced expertise and skill, she set me up with a personalized training program to help me meet those goals.
I would highly urge you to inquire with Mary on receiving a training program if you want to get your body and health to a better state. She is an excellent trainer and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

- Ernest Doucette


“From the very beginning Mary made a process I expected to find overwhelming manageable.  She took the time to understand my goals and concerns, tailoring a program that addressed each of them.  She not only provides support and encouragement during your training sessions, but frequently checks in to make sure your nutritional and cardio programs are effective without becoming too demanding.  Mary’s enthusiasm and dedication are infectious, and she makes an undertaking that could easily feel isolating a team effort.  Not only does Mary help you get the results you are looking for, she gives you the confidence to know you can sustain them for a lifetime.”

~Sarah C.